Rehearsal Aids

Helping Choirs Learn, Rehearse and Practice Choral Music 

Our Mission

Rehearsal Aids makes at-home choral practicing easy by providing visual rehearsal tracks for singers who wish to learn and rehearse their music in preparation for rehearsals and concerts.

We work with choirs to create tracks in preparation for their concerts. Rehearsal Aids also has an ever expanding library of tracks that are available to choirs (see Available Tracks page). These tracks can be modified according to specific choir needs.

Compare audio-visual vs. audio only rehearsal tracks

Rehearsal Aid music tracks go beyond sound-only practice tracks (such as MIDI or MP3). Our tracks display video of the score and lyrics dynamically on the screen with a marker scrolling showing the location of the playback. Each track emphasizes (plays louder) one voice while the rest of the voices and accompaniments are lower in volume, making it easy to focus on your part but still see where you are with the rest of the ensemble. Click on the play button of the video player (on the left) and the audio-only player (on the right) to see the advantages of the video.

We will, however, create audio only tracks on demand (in any format required).

Rehearsal Aids Pricing

Rehearsal tracks prices are based on the number of pages in a sheet music of a song or movement, up to 4 singing parts and piano accompaniment. Each part will get a track where the part is highlighted while the rest of the parts and accompaniment are played in the background.
Up to four parts are included in the price, which is US$1.50 per page.

There may be additional charges for special requests.



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Some technical points…

  • Rehearsal Aids tracks are standard video files (MP4) that can be playback on most computers, tablets or phones. They can also be viewed by burning into a DVD and playback on a DVD player
  • Rehearsal tracks are posted on our Google Drive storage and can be downloaded from there to the choir’s own storage.
  • If it is decided to store the tracks on a Web site and viewed from there, note that while most browsers may allow online streaming, playback quality could suffer as it depends on the Internet speed, Internet interruptions and browser abilities.
  • Other distribution options are uploading via FTP or any other file transfer option that will work out with the choir.