Major Work Example

“Elijah” by Felix Mendelssohn

This is an example of a major work that includes all the choral movements and all SATB parts.
Click on any part you wish to sample.

Note that all the tracks in these examples are about one minute long. All tracks acquired by a choir will be full length.

MovementVocal PartsAltoTenorBass
01. Help, LordSopranoAltoTenorBass
02. Lord bow thine earSopranoAltoTenorBass
05. Yet doth the Lord SopranoAltoTenorBass
09. Blessed are the men who fear HimSopranoAltoTenorBass
10. As God the Lord of SabaothSopranoAltoTenorBass
11. Baal, we cry to theeSoprano1Alto1Tenor1Bass1
11. Baal, we cry to theeSoprano2Alto2Tenor2Bass2
12. Call Him louderSopranoAltoTenorBass
13. Call Him LouderSopranoAltoTenorBass
15. Cast thy burden upon the LordSopranoAltoBass
16. O Thou, who makest thy angels spiritsSopranoAltoTenorBass
19a. Thou hast overthrown thine enemiesSopranoAltoTenorBass
20. Thanks be to God!SopranoAltoTenorBass
22. Be not afraidSopranoAltoTenorBass
23. The Lord hath exalted theeSopranoAltoTenorBass
24. Woe to himSopranoAltoTenorBass
29. He watching over IsraelSopranoAltoTenorBass
32. He that shall endure SopranoAltoTenorBass
34. Behold, God the Lord - Alto clip.mp4SopranoAltoTenorBass
35. Holy is God the LordSopranoAltoTenorBass
36. Go, return upon thy waySoprano1AltoTenor1Bass1
38. Then did ElijahSopranoAltoTenorBass
41. But the Lord from the northSopranoAltoTenorBass
43. And then shall your light break forthSopranoAltoTenorBass